How To Negotiate With Your Doctor

doctor-37707_640Professionals would have us think they don’t put their pants on one leg at a time, that they are in some way special. The truth is they are just ordinary people like you and me who happen to have specialized and trained in a specific area. They deserve credit and respect for doing so but not adulation.

One of the most challenging issues when you are meeting with a doctor, lawyer or other professional is to garner their full attention. Distractions are obstacles that stand in the way of effective communications. Professionals often have the habit of juggling a lot of issues of which you are only one.

To have an effective discussion with another person, especially one who is supposed to be helping you with your problems, you need to be able to hear, be heard, and understand each other.

Just as you can be distracted, so too can your doctor be influenced by things unrelated to the matters at hand. Distractions will impair his or her ability to hear you.

We are not always aware that we are distracted. In this case, your doctor may just be overloaded with patients and office issues. You may actually have to call his or her attention to the fact. While this may seem rude, it is your health at risk and you deserve to have the full attention of your doctor.

As in any interaction, you have the choice to take control or be controlled. Do not let the trappings of a professional’s office, degrees or attitude subjugate you to accepting anything less than their full attention and support.

In Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend, I discuss the importance of managing your life including how to handle professionals, such as your doctors, to make sure you stay in control of the situation.

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