dad-book1William J. Scarpino spent the first part of his career in executive corporate positions, where he honed skills in lease and contract negotiations, internal corporate negotiations, and employee-conflict resolution. Bill has served as a pro-bono court approved Ventura County Civil Mediator, has mediated personal conflicts and family counseling issues. He has also served on a number of boards requiring the give and take of executive level negotiations. He has taught negotiations courses at the University of Southern California and at the Institute of Corporate Real Estate, and co-authored the book Corporate Real Estate.

Bill is the founder and principal of Associates for Success, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in conflict and dispute resolution. How-to-Negotiate and his new book, the Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend are designed to be resources of concepts, tips, techniques and observations relating to negotiations or conflict resolution whether in a business transactional setting, the work environment, social situations, family settings or, simply, coping with life itself.

Mr. Scarpino’s range of management experience coupled with his need to negotiate contracts and mediate interpersonal situations provided an excellent environment to learn, develop and apply negotiating skills and techniques. Bill realized that the skills and tools required of a professional negotiator were simply the re-application of good management techniques. Moreover, he found the same negotiator’s toolkit served to facilitate the resolution of personal, couples, family and social conflict.

This cross-over of management applications, social coping mechanisms, and negotiating skills comprise the crux of How-to-Negotiate.com and his new book, the Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend.