Associates for Success, LLC
William J. Scarpino, MCR, Managing Partner

William J. Scarpino is the founder and principal of Associates for Success, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in conflict and dispute resolution, management consulting, landlord or tenant intervention, strategic planning, pre-acquisition site evaluation, site acquisition, and real property contract and lease negotiations. How-to-Negotiate is a on-line resource of concepts, tips, techniques and observations applicable to negotiations in business, the work environment, social situations, family settings or, simply, life itself.

Mr. Scarpino has accumulated a vast base of negotiating and mediation experience. He has an extensive corporate background as well as private mediation and consulting experience.  His corporate experience spans the disciplines of strategic planning, site selection, entitlement processing, construction management, property management, contract management, development related legal affairs, corporate development, human resource and labor relations, operations management and general management. All of which require one to develop extensive mediation and negotiation skills to succeed and excel. William Scarpino served as a pro-bono court approved Ventura County Civil Mediator, has mediated personal conflicts and family counseling issues. He has also served on a number of boards requiring the give and take of executive level negotiations.
Mr. Scarpino's range of management experience coupled with his need to negotiate contracts and mediate intrapersonal situations provided an excellent environment to learn, develop and apply negotiating skills and techniques. Considered a consummate corporate negotiator by his peers, he soon realized that  the skills and  tools of a professional negotiator  were  simply the re-application of good management  techniques. Moreover, he found the same negotiator's toolkit served to resolve personal and social conflict.

This cross-over of management applications, social coping mechanisms,  and  negotiating skills comprise the crux of How-to-Negotiate.