Can You Negotiate With COVID-19

covid bullyWow, what a year 2020 was. 2021 offers a glimmer of hope against COVID-19 but not a lot. The vaccine may work…then again it may not work against the mutant versions being discovered. And if they do, you may have to get vaccinated once a year, every six months or once a quarter. That does not sound very encouraging!

So how does one negotiate with this pesky little virus? By not getting it in the first place! But not everyone can quarantine and yet maintain a reasonable lifestyle, income and their sanity!

This COVID virus is much like a bully. You handle a bully by either avoiding contact or standing up to him or her. Bullies will wreak havoc if allowed to do so. They have to be deprived of the opportunity to prey on the weaker kids on the playground. That said, the teachers and hall monitors can’t be everywhere at once. And today social media gives bullies a vehicle to bully others with little worry of retribution.

If we view COVID as a bully, how do we deflect its abuse?
1. Masking up when around other people who might be infected is courteous to others but not so smart if all you are wearing is a flimsy bandana. That might help keep your germs off others but does little to protect you. So invest in decent masks that protect you and others.
2. Wash your hands more than frequently. Make it a habit to sanitize them after every encounter with surfaces that might be contaminated. That means when you leave a store or market or doctor’s office or any other public place, sanitize!
3. Do not touch your face; especially your eyes, ears or nose…or mask. Transmission is typically through these three openings to your inner body.
4. Stay outdoors where there is ample fresh air and a breeze.
5. Stay away from crowds inside large retailers and restaurants.
6. Test before you see others who may be at risk as a courtesy to them or,to deflect the bully when you think you have symptoms. While testing is not foolproof, it is currently the only means available to indicate if you have been exposed to the virus. Early treatment seems to be working to lower the death rate and lessen the strain on hospitals.
7. Don’t trust others as anyone can be a carrier, even those who have been vaccinated or have had it. The best rule is to assume everyone has it and be careful around them all.

The bottomline? Bullies looks for opportunities to abuse others. The COVID does the same. They both seek out weaknesses to attack. So stay away from them, be informed about how and why they are able to bully others, and be proactive in establishing and maintaining your defenses.

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