Running from a leopard and encountering a ravine with a rope bridge your equilibrium will tested; prove your skills or you will be dinner! 

Keeping balance is essential in sports, in your life, and as a negotiator. In a settlement conference, each side will pull at the other to get their points made and convince the other person or side of the merits of those arguments. There should be a degree of parity in the process to keep emotions in check and enable the process to work. 

When one person or side is openly arrogant and unreasonable, the other person or side is not likely to be paying attention. Emotions can flare and progress stymied. In order to get parties to a settlement to agree, both sides need to feel they have been heard and that the outcome or terms are to some degree equitable. 

In a negotiation if the other person is acting unreasonably, you have the opportunity to assume the role of mediator and explain that he or she has two choices, become reasonable and deal with you as an equal, or negotiate against himself. That is, you will walk away leaving the person no one to yell at or otherwise abuse. This is a bluff unless you know the person needs you to solve his or her problem.

In Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend, I discuss the need to maintain your emotional footing during the conflict resolution process.

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