When negotiating with a tribal chief for your life it is acceptable to tender your guide for your release. 

Tendering a proposal or counter is an opportunity to make a strong statement to the other person. Tender offers can be strategically calculated and presented to advance, cut off or stall the discussions. 

To promote continued dialogue, responses should be reasonably viable for the other person to consider and counter or accept. 

Counters should be timed to indicate that you have given them due consideration. So even if you are ready to respond, take a little longer to make the point that you are serious and committed to the discussions.

To advance the discussion they should be termed in a way that does not antagonize the other person. 

Your offer or counter should be framed leaving an opening for the other person to counter if you know your offer is aggressive and likely to be deemed unacceptable. 

Finally, try to personalize the offer in some fashion. In an era when emails and faxes are the norm, the lack of a personal touch can result in a cold, calculating climate between negotiators. It is easier to work through issues if you have cultivated a friend, hard to do unless you actually talk to each other. 

In Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend, I discuss the nuances of making offers and counters.

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