Standing tall and shouting at a charging grizzly is the only posture to take to save your posterior. While being open, frank and sharing your terror will not make him slow the thought that you might fight back may! 

Deciding how to present yourself is an important negotiating consideration. You are sure to come across some negotiators who present a studied, poker-face approach to the process. Others appear guileless innocents ripe for the taking. Most likely, they are all role playing; adjusting their demeanor to the situation. In every negotiator lurks an aspiring actor! 

Negotiating and mediating is actually a form of management: people management. Managers study and train to apply different managerial styles in different situations. Seldom will one style take them to the top of the corporate ladder. It is reasonable to assume negotiators need the same arsenal of styles. 

Pre-meeting strategy planning sessions should include identifying the best approach or style to use when meeting with the other person. Try to get into ‘their skin’ to appreciate how they will be looking at the situation and create the appropriate persona to deliver your message. 

In Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend, I discuss the importance of negotiating styles and their similarities to managerial styles.

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