How Do You Control A Contractor?

road-sign-1280253_640What do you do when your contractor tells you one thing then does another? Or simply slows down your home remodel driving your spouse crazy?

Unless you have a written contract with a performance penalty clause you have little leverage over a contractor who is on the job except to yell, scream and otherwise make his day miserable.

So, you need some power. You need to get your leverage back. Wait, you do have the power of the wallet.

To regain control over the situation stop yelling and shouting. Most contractors are used to frustrated clients. It comes with the business. But you have control of the money. Stop making the weekly draws and demand a renegotiation of the contract THIS time with a performance penalty clause.

Most contractors can’t pay their subs without their weekly draws. To interrupt his cash flow can cause him to lose his subs to other contractors. So the delay in payment by you should get his attention.

Once he is paying attention, add an addendum to his contract which specifies a completion date and the penalty for failure to perform, usually a set percent reduction in the total price for each day/week/month the project is delayed.

Now the contractor and you have a common goal….meeting the completion deadline. Perhaps now he will focus on your project rather then the other projects he is trying to handle at the same time. The squeaky wheel usually gets greased if it makes enough noise but it always gets fixed if it falls off the car.

In Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend, I discuss how to defend against those with power and how to muster some of your own.

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