How to Handle Spam Calls

angry manHas another spam caller got you frustrated? Irritated? Are you at your wits end after answering the fifth or sixth spam call of the day? Has another dinner been interrupted by a total stranger?

Spam calls have been getting worse and worse. I know people who have set up a second phone line to take and make calls leaving their first, the registered line, to the spammers. They just don’t answer it anymore letting it go to the message machine.

But wait. Here is a chance to practice power negotiations. Don’t miss a great opportunity to use these calls to actually help you achieve one of your objectives, to release your stress after a long, hard day. We are frustrated by many things…the people we work with, customers or clerks, a spouse, child, parent, boss or other personal irritant. Don’t forget the constant barrage from journalists and politicians who all seem unable to get the truth straight and talk down to us poor little people who don’t know what is best for us. No wonder we are stressed!

You can use spam calls to shed a little of this frustration!

As with any negotiation, you are on the defensive until you find some leverage or power to take control, in this case, of the spamming. Instead of abandoning the phone line by getting a second line or, worse yet, taking their calls only to be more frustrated at the end of the day you can make use of these calls. You can exert the power you have to ease your stress.

Here are some ways to handle spam calls and ease your angst:

Have some fun and throw them off their script:

When they ask if you need your air ducts cleaned, tell them you don’t have any ducks but would love a free estimate to clean your doberman.

When they ask if they can give you an estimate on painting your home, tell them not to worry, you spouse would do that…if you had one. Do they know where you might get one?

When they say it is the IRS calling and you will go to jail if you don’t answer, tell them time in the Big House would be a relief…free room and board for a change.

Relieve some of your stress:

As they start their spiel, envision someone who has frustrated you earlier at work and shout out all the things you kept to yourself…this has to feel good and you can still go to work in the morning!

Get noise makers like whistles and air horns and, after their opening spiel, sound off loudly and hang up content in knowing that you have just share a little of your day’s angst with a total stranger.

After you answer and determine it is a spam call, lay the phone down and go back to what you were doing. Who knows how long they will talk before realizing you are no longer listening. Their time is money and you just stole some of it!

I am sure that now that you realize that you have a little power over the spammers you can find many other ways to turn the table on them and get a little comic or stress relief at the end of your day. After all, if they choose to call you during your dinner or cocktail hour, a time of tranquility, don’t they deserve what they get?

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