How to save when negotiating for a cruise

Thinking of taking a cruise? Sounds exotic and expensive, right?

Learn how to save when negotiating for a cruise. A cruise may be the best vacation option for your money.. The best part for many is that once aboard you don't have to pack up until the end of the voyage yet you get to seem a number of new and interesting places. No more lugging suitcases around and waiting for a room to be cleaned.

Cruise accommodations and venues come in all sizes and prices., There are many cruises to choose from and, in the current economy, cruise lines are marketing great deals. Getting a great deal on the cruise that fits you best, however, will take a little sleuthing and then some negotiations on your part.


When learning how to save when negotiating for a cruise the first thing to do is to decide what type of cruise vacation you want. The choices range from tramp steamer to luxury liner with settings in warm climates or exploring remote terrains and cultures. Decide if you will be looking to relax or explore, enjoy serenity of meet new people.

To get the best rate choose either a low-demand cruise or repeat a cruise with the same cruise line. Repeat travelers are frequently offered deals that are not offered to first-time cruisers. Some legs of some cruises are in less demand than others. Use the internet and phone to find out where the best initial offers are. Likely resources to contact are the cruise lines themselves, travel agents, and internet travel sites.

Knowing how to save when negotiating for a cruise includes understanding how to research the best possible prices. Check out the prices offered on travel Websites such as and Then, call the cruise line's 1-800 registration hot-line and ask them to give you a better deal than what you found online. Most cruise lines will be happy to oblige. But you are not done quite yet. Call a local travel agency to see if they can offer you a better deal. To gain your future loyalty, the agency may be able to save you money, give you a free upgrade on a room or offer amenities such as champagne and an onboard ship credit.

Travel during the off-season. But the off season in one part of the world is not the same in others. Where you want to go or when you want to go will determine the seasonal price periods. For the Caribbean the lowest prices are offered in early fall, when school begins again and during the hurricane season. But that is the Caribbean. There are many other places to cruise with different seasonality.

There are two opportune times to negotiate to buy your tickets.


1. Purchase tickets far in advance. You can often get a great deal on a luxury cabin by reserving it up to half a year before your cruise. Like all retailers, cruise lines have space to fill and the sooner they know they have rooms reserved, the less they will have to discount the rooms at the end of the pre-sail period.

2. Purchase tickets at the last minute. While it won't get you a luxury cabin, it will get you a very low price on any rooms that the cruise ship is desperately trying to fill before the trip. If you are flexible and not demanding this can be a great way to get the lowest possible rate.

A last thought on how to save when negotiating for a cruise.

An alternate source you can use when booking a cruise are most airlines. Using airlines to book cruises can earn frequent flyer miles from the purchase. Those miles save you money on future trips. Some online travel agencies participate in similar credit card point or mileage plans enabling customers to earn and redeem points for cruise purchases. So consider all the ways you can get the best possible deal then go and have fun!