Managing Holiday Dinner Conflict

diversityHoliday dinners with the family gathered around the table are prime opportunities for conversational conflict. Religion, sex and politics always make for lively and heated debates.

How do you, as host or hostess, encourage lively conversation without seeding WW III at your table? several ideas:

1 – Water the adult beverages.
2 – Carefully position the most vocal and passionate well apart from each other.
3 – Announce at the start of the meal that anyone who can’t remain civil will not get dessert.
4 – Remember to water the adult beverages.

Seriously, family arguments can quickly get out of hand. The best way to avoid a table side disaster is to discreetly ask each person to avoid the current hot topic at the gathering. As host or hostess you are entitled to ask this small favor of your guests. You are merely managing a special event so everyone can enjoy it.

In Seven Secrets to WINNING Without Losing a Friend, I discuss ways to manage civil family interaction.

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