Whether it is an appliance, book, used car or most anything you want it can likely be found online. Negotiating online purchases, however, can be difficult given the separation of the buyer and seller. There are things you should do to insure you get what you want, when you want it at the best possible price. Before you negotiate when buying a house you need to understand why you are buying it.



Buying online can be expensive if you get the wrong item and have to return or exchange it because you have to pay the shipping for the mistake. So when negotiating online purchases the first thing is to clearly identify what you want, what specifications (color, size, memory, etc.) and the best configuration for your use.

Now you need to do a little research to see where you can find what you want based on your specifications online. There are many venues offering products. These range from the likes of and to retailer sites. There are also sites that group retailers together like and

You are looking for the sites that offer exactly what you want and the terms of their offer so you, in the luxury of your home or office, can compare your choices.


When making comparisons there is one key element to consider. When do you want the item? If it is in the next few days make sure the vendor has it a) in stock and b) is local to you; not across an ocean! There is nothing worse than needing to get a birthday gift for a party next week and being told the item is back ordered....the day before you expected it to arrive. Make sure it is available and ready to ship if time is an issue.

How Much

When you are negotiating online purchases cost is usually comprised of three components:

1. Purchase price of the item itself.
2. Shipping Cost. Many companies will offer free shipping and included it in their pricing. Others mark up the shipping to have the lowest apparent purchase price.
3. Sales Tax. Is it tax free to you or do you have to pay your local sales taxes. That can add 10%.

It is the combination of these three costs that make up the gross cost to you. And it is the gross cost that you should compare before making a decision on where to buy the item.

Now you are prepared to buy the item. If you have a preferred seller or want to buy it locally, do not be afraid to indicate your best gross price to them and see if they will match it so you can remain loyal. Many retailers will meet a best price for the same product. Some will even give you a further discount.